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A chemical found in lime, chalk and limestone which are used to neutralize soil acidity. Essential for crop growth. Also essential together with phosphorus for healthy teeth and bones in animals.

Calf rearing

Calves are removed from their mothers and brought up in specialist housing


The birth of a calf


The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union which regulates support policies for farmers.


See carcass


The body of a meat animal after slaugter, when skin, offal, head and feet have been removed.


The removal of testes on a male animal to prevent unwanted reproduction


A measure of the number of white blood cells found in milk. Gives an indication of the level of mastitis in the dairy herd.


Crops like wheat, barley and oats - planted in either autumn or spring

Certificate of competence

A certificate issued when a person is trained in the correct use of a machine


Pesticides used to control weeds, diseases or pests


The green pigmentation of the plant leaves

Chronic disease

A disease which an animal will suffer over a long period.


Holding area for storing silage


Bacterial infections of sheep common at lambing


The equipment which is applied to a cows teats to extract the milk. Composed of a clawpiece to which four teat cups are attached.


Carbon dioxide

CO2, H20, O2,

Carbon dioxide, Water, Oxygen


The first nutritious milk produced by the mother cow after a calf is born

Combine harvester

Machine used to harvest grain crops like wheat, oilseed rape etc.


When a soil becomes too firm and hard to allow good plant root growth


Prepared feed containing protein, energy etc. to encourage growth or production


The term to describe the shape of an animal belonging to a defined breed. Milk producing breeds have a very different shape to meat producing breeds.


When something unwanted enters a quality product


Grain must be kept cold to avoid pests breeding in it once it is in store


A company that supplies agricultural products to farmers


Female of the species cattle. Generally refering to an animal which has had one or more calves.

crop scouting

Precise assessments of pest pressure and crop performance which can be tied to a specific location for better interpretation.

Crop species

Different types of crop - e.g. wheat or barley

Cross bred

An animal whose parents were from different breeds

cross tabulation

Comparison of attribute data by location in two or more map layers

Crude protein

A term used as an estimate of protein content of feedstuffs. Crude protein includes low value sources of protein.


Individual lying area within a covered shed for dairy cattle to rest


The term for disposing of breeding anaimls which are unsuitable to use for further breeding.


The process of preparing a field for planting using machinery


Implement with fixed legs and tines used for mixing soil


A track up the side of any sort of hill made by a bulldozer.

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