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A measure of the Bacterial content of milk. Must be below 100,000 bacteria per ml.


The method of collecting straw by packing it into bales or packs

Barbed wire

Fencing wire with pointed spikes to prevent stock from escaping


Pulse crop grown for human or animal consumption containing protein


Providing loose straw for animals to lie on


Cattle which are managed to produce meat

Beef stores

Cattle fed on a specific diet to encourage planned growth rates

Beef value

The Beef Value ranks animals on the expected carcase financial merit of their offspring.For example, a Beef Value for a bull of 20 means his carcase is estimated to be 20 more valuable than the carcase from a bull with a Beef Value of 0.

Big bags

Large plastic bags containing fertiliser or seed - may hold 600 - 1000kg of product

Brewers grains

A by-product of the brewing industry. Contains the remains of barley after malt has been extracted, but still tastes good to a cow.


A castrated bull. It behaves less agressively than an entire bull. Also known as a steer


The fat found in milk, usually 3.5% to 4% by weight.

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