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Artificial Insemination. Semen collected from the bull and implanted into the cow using a straw, by hand


A place where animals are slaughtered and prepared for sale as meat


Abreviation for accuracy. The higher this percentage figure the more likely that it reflects the animals true worth.


Automatic Cluster Removal occurs when a cow has finished giving milk the machine detects the reduced flow, cuts off the vaccuum to the cluster and gently pulls off the cluster.


the old standard for measuring field areas and there are 2.47 acres in a hectare.


art, practice of cultivating land


Person who inspects crops and advises farmers on chemical etc.

Amino acid

Protein is made up of the these simple chemicals, some of which are essential in an animals diet for health and growth.


Small sap sucking insects which infest cereals and carry a virus disease Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus - BYVD.

Artificial Insemination

Semen collected from the bull and implanted into the cow using a straw

Assurance scheme

A quality standard scheme to ensure high quality food production systems

Automatic Cluster Removal


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