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Lackham Farm and Estate, part of Wiltshire College, is in the rural heart of Wiltshire. Within its 688 hectares you'll find three working educational farms, run on thoroughly commercial lines; historic buildings; a museum and animal park—all set in the magnificent surroundings of the Wiltshire countryside.

The Lackham estate includes 15 hectares of woodland and 25 hectares of buildings and other land, leaving the College's Home Farm 184 hectares of productive land. 230 hectares are rented from a local landowner on a farm business tenancy, whilst a further 52 hectares are rented annually on a grazing licence. 182 hectares owned by Whitehall Farms are contract farmed converting to organic, taking the total area to 688 hectares (1700 acres). This increases the land-based educational resources for the students to learn practically and to provide physical records from a typically commercial arable and livestock base.

The dairy unit of 170 cows with calf-rearing is based at Home Farm. All beef enterprises, including 25 Pedigree Limousins, the newly-formed Hereford herd, and all finishing beef of approx. 250 head per year along with 100 young stock are housed at Great Lodge Farm. 240 calves are reared in batches of 60 every 12 weeks at Home Farm on contract for Blade Farming.

Home Farm is also the site of the Farm Information Centre for students and visitors.

Notton Farm, which is also owned by the College, houses the Sheep Unit, a small poultry unit and Deer park.

Pigs are now in occupation in fields adjacent to Home farm. The sows are owned by Downland Pigs. Through a contract agreement the management of the herd solely rests with Lackham from breeding to finishing to bacon weight.

The arable/forage unit grows a wide range of crops for the animals and for sale. These include Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape, forage Maize, crimped Maize, Grass for grazing and silage. A full range of machinery and tractors is used and kept up to date to compliment the farming practices.

The College farm plays two roles: firstly it demonstrates 'good commercial practices' and it is farmed to produce profits. This enables the education departments to teach commercial production on a successful farm.

Many organisations are linked with Lackham Farm: for example Grainseed Ltd carry out maize trials and hold demonstration days for local farmers and those involved in the industry.

The area for small animals is run by the Animal Care Department and animals on this unit provide a resource for residential courses, visitors often visit from all over the county to see this unit.

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